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How does it work

We make it possible for you to harvest and earn NFTs at the same time

How will I receive the NFT?

You will receive the Nft in form of a mosaic which will be send to your symbol address. The hash which makes the NFT unique is stored in the mosaic.

Can I view my NFT on the Symbol Blockchain?

Indeed. To view it on the symbol blockchain you can either enter the mosaic ID or the address who received the mosaic.
Both information will be transparent and visible for everybody.

Where and how is the mosiaic saved?

The image file is saved on an decentralized IPFS, whereas the metadata are be saved on the Symbol blockchain itself.

Can I view my NFT on the IPFS?

Yes. To view it on IPFS you can either search for the hash or click on the link provided next to the image which will directly send you to the image.

What are mosaics?

Mosaics are fixed assets that can represent any real or digital asset. In our case it represents the ownership of an NFT. Each mosaic has a unique identifier and a set of configurable properties that can be defined during the mosaic creation.
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What makes them safe against fraud or copy?

Once NFTs are created, they will forever remain distinct. Each NFT is assigned a unique digital signature. They cannot be replicated.

How to set up delegated harvesting

How to participate and start earning NFTS


To enable delegated harvesting you need to have a minimum of 10.000 XYM tokens

Step 1

Open your Symbol desktop/mobile wallet and go to the section Harvesting

Step 2

To select a harvesting node add the following Node url go.uniku.io

Step 3

Click the button Request Harvesting and wait. Now link all the keys and wait.

Step 4

Now click Activate.
If your Node status says Active you have done everything right and are now able to start earning.

Rules to be considered

To be considered in the process of earning free NFTs you must have at least 30 full days of active harvesting. Anything less than 30 days will not be considered. After you have reached the 30 days you will receice your NFT. Notice that the slots will be limited, which means everyone has the same chance regardless of the share.
So, first come, first served.